Spa Checklist

Are You Ready For a Hot Tub?

▢ After you have talked with your local Stone Creek Spas Dealer and found the perfect spa for your backyard. There needs to be enough room for the spa. It is recommended to have about 18 inches of walking room around the spa. The spa needs to be on level concrete (uneven surfaces may result in twists and fracturing of acrylic shell voiding warranty).

▢ A licensed electrician will be required to properly connect your 50/60 amp G.F.C.I. Breaker Box to the house breaker box as shown in diagram shown here provided by Balboa Watergroup. (Failure to properly wire spa and G.F.C.I. to specs in diagram can void spa’s warranty).

Here is a link to the recommended 240-Volt G.F.C.I. Breaker Box from Home Depot.
50 amp Home Depot GFCI Breaker Box 
60 amp Home Depot GFCI Breaker Box