Dedicated Circulation Pump




The ozonator in all Stone Creek Spas maintains your water without the use of harsh chemicals, and it works directly in conjunction with our circulating pump. In addition to the large, powerful pumps that give you a relaxing massage every time you use your spa, we use a very energy efficient 1/15 hp circulating pump to continuously circulate the water and clean the spa. Using such a small pump, rather than the larger ones, gives you several benefits.

Continuous Cleaning

Ozone is used up almost as soon as it is made, so for your spa’s water to remain as clean and clear as possible, the ozonator needs to run a continuous cycle. Our spas do this automatically for you, without any extra effort on your part. This means when you’re ready to relax in your spa, it’s ready for you! No need for lengthy water treatment cycles before you get in, just walk into your backyard and climb in your spa.

Less wear and tear on the spa’s main pumps

Running the spa’s primary pumps on a lower setting can cause premature failure and is generally not suggested. By adding in a small pump, we save wear and tear on the main pumps and instead run the small, circulating pump.

Less expensive repair / replacement

Spas break down occasionally, and anyone who would tell you differently is definitely not telling you the truth! That said, your spa should give you many years of trouble free enjoyment. But down the road, if it becomes necessary to replace a pump, the cost of replacing a 1/15 hp pump is less than a 4 hp pump. This is another reason we have chosen this setup, instead of the more traditional method, which allows the larger pumps to simply run on a low speed and therefore possibly break down much sooner than if they are only used when you are enjoying your spa.