Your personal oasis is just a few steps away from your living room, in the privacy of your own backyard.

LOW MAINTENANCE, NO CHLORINE OR BROMINE, Minimal CHEMICAL USAGE, Machine washable FILTERS. Our Spas are designed with you in mind.

Stone Creek Spas is dedicated to efficiency, excellence, and customer satisfaction. Based in Kansas with locations in Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Colorado, we pride ourselves in making and selling our tubs locally.

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Easy to Maintain

Our spas are designed to be easy for you to use. We don’t use chlorine or bromine, instead we use an ozonator and a dedicated pump to run it so you don’t need to add harsh chemicals to your spa. The filter system is designed to trap and catch large debris before it can get into the plumbing or heater. The filter is machine washable, easy to remove and replace, as well as being an inexpensive replacement item. Our spas don’t require constant maintenance, so you can leave for your vacation without needing to have someone add chemical to your spa. They are easy to work on as well, so if you do have an issue, you aren’t paying a technician for hours worth of tearing your spa apart. All of the pumps and controls are all together and easy to locate, replace, fix or update. Our spas are built to be easy to use, so you can spend time enjoying them instead of working to maintain them. We’ve eliminated steps other manufacturers require.

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Customize your spa

We can custom design your spa the way you need it. Have a sore hip or arthritis? Let us position your jets to massage those problem areas. Jets can be added, removed or repositioned to enhance your custom spa experience. Other additions can be made to your spa as well such as LED lighting inside and outside of your spa. Stereo systems with pop up speakers, all marine grade for safety and longevity, can be added to your custom spa. Most spa manufacturers allow you to choose your color and model, but we allow you to take it a step further and add jets where you need them.


Keep your water clean naturally

Chlorine and bromine are the most widely used spa sanitation chemicals, and while they work, the chemical smell and how they make your skin feel isn’t ideal. What if there was a spa that didn’t need either of those to keep the water clean and sanitary? What if it used Ozone, a triple molecule of pure oxygen, instead? Some spas have an ozonator that runs for a few hours, but you still have to add chlorine or bromine to the water to keep it clean. Whether you use it or not, other spas require you to add those chemicals on a regular basis. With Stone Creek Spas, our ozonator is powered by a dedicated circulation pump running on very low power rather than using one of the larger pumps on a low speed (which may cause premature failure of the pump) and does the sanitizing for you. Ozone is a powerful sanitizer, oxidizer and deodorizer. 

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